Spot Painting is required when a couple of panels of your car need to be painted.  Painting requires a multi-step approach to make sure the old and new paint look blended.

We take the following steps to paint your vehicle:

Inspect the vehicle for surface imperfections.
Fill and sand the vehicle to provide a smooth surface for the paint.
Prime the vehicle for protection.
Repeat sanding the vehicle prior to the base coat application.
Apply the base color coat.
Apply a clear protection coat.
Inspect the finished paint job.

Expert Color Matching

Our auto body paint department offers an eco friendly water born paint system, a state-of-the-art computerized paint mixing system, downdraft sparay booth with baking oven, and expert color matching.   It used to be a special craft to master the exact paint color now it is a science.

First Place Paint Trophies


Jeep wins first place paint